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HOMES & GARDEN’S – How do you decorate a dining room that doubles as a living room? The solution, says interior designer Jenni Lauri, is to work in some curves, which is also a huge interior design trend right now too. ‘We used curved furniture to create a sense of tranquil and understated luxury when designing this open living room. Picking soothing colors and rich, textured fabrics like mohair or bouclé create a harmonious setting with your curved pieces,’ explains the founder of Lauri Design Studio. Arranging furniture in a nice, friendly circle, will make it all the more inviting. ‘For an extra touch of comfort, we added a plush chair with rounded edges, creating a snug nook ideal for reading or lounging,’ adds Jenni.   Jenni Lauri is a Los Angeles-based interior designer specializing in residential and commercial projects. Jenni has an impressive portfolio that includes luxury homes, apartments, office spaces, multi-family buildings, and large-scale developments. Drawing inspiration from her Scandinavian and Finnish heritage, Jenni incorporates neutral palettes and cultural touches into her designs.