Los Angeles Times

November 8, 2023

Jenni Lauri, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, is renowned for her ability to transform her clients’ visions into exquisite, elevated spaces. Her passion for design and architecture, nurtured from a young age through her family’s involvement in real estate development, drives her to create refined residential and commercial environments.

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Home & Gardens

Whether your dining and living facilities are shared out of choice or due to lack of space, decorating a room that serves two very different roles can prove a tricky balancing act.

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Design Milk

October 6, 2023

Sierra Towers is a minimalist residence located in Los Angeles, California, designed by Lauri Design Studio. The project bears testimony to a harmonious balance between the serene principles of wabi-sabi and the refined nature of modernism.

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In this case, every detail has been taken care of to dress it with a delicate “silent luxury” based on noble materials and sophisticated finishes.

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The Spurce

“It’s true that here is nothing prettier in a kitchen than two small brass knobs on a silverware drawer. That is until your kids try to open that drawer to help get the table ready for dinner.

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Business of Home

Nobody’s perfect. In a complex and nuanced industry, employees are bound to make professional missteps.

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The best interior design trends of 2023 are not a list of “dos,” “don’ts,” and It-items for the home.

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