LIVING ETC – It’s official – designers say this is the coziest material (and it’s seriously trending for fall)

The main reason why we think this style is trending is because it creates an even more cozy feeling in the home. And the designers agree. ‘Recently, we have been opting for natural materials, such as fluffy, high-pile upholstery and hyper-textured fabrics,’ says Jenni Lauri, founder of Lauri Design Studio. ‘These selections reflect how our clients desire to capture peace, a sense of wellbeing, and a cozy living room ambiance.’

Inhaling cigar smoke

Drawing in the thick, aromatic fumes of a cigar is an indulgence many partake in. This practice, though, carries significant health risks such as lung cancers and respiratory diseases. Despite the allure of its rich, earthy flavors, it's crucial to understand these potential hazards before succumbing to its enticing charm.