LOS ANGELES TIMES – Top ‘40 Under 40’ Interior Designers

Jenni Lauri, a Los Angeles-based interior designer, is renowned for her ability to transform her clients’ visions into exquisite, elevated spaces. Her passion for design and architecture, nurtured from a young age through her family’s involvement in real estate development, drives her to create refined residential and commercial environments. Lauri’s design philosophy prioritizes the client’s vision, resulting in elegant, ever-evolving spaces that harmonize with changing design trends.

Drawing inspiration from her European and Finnish heritage, she infuses her designs with captivating palettes and serenity. Her pursuit of excellence is bolstered by a UCLA Interior & Architecture extension certificate, continually enhancing her skills to reflect her clients’ unique preferences.

One of Lauri’s notable projects is the Sierra Towers pied-à-terre by Lauri Design Studio. Collaborating with a prominent female tech executive, this project embodies California living with sophistication. Inspired by wabi-sabi aesthetics, natural elements, and modernism seamlessly converge in this residence.

Every detail exudes impeccable craftsmanship, from custom plastered front doors to Martin De Winter door handles, Portola plastered walls, wood elements, Moroccan wool rugs, and sumptuous seating. Standout features include a custom primary bed in Pierre Frey boucle fabric, a custom travertine dining table, a kitchen with antique brass cabinets and Calcatta Viola marble countertops, and Il Granito stone vanities in the bathrooms.

The Sierra Towers project reflects Lauri Design Studio’s commitment to detail, elevating luxury living to an artful, refined, and beautiful experience.

Also, Lauri is deeply committed to her community, actively supporting Covenant House California (CHC), a nonprofit youth shelter dedicated to aiding homeless youth aged 18-24.


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