Lauri Design Studio

Nestled in Beverly Hills, Lauri Design Studio, led by the visionary Jenni Lauri, embodies a harmonious blend of American and European modernism, traditional grace, and global influences. Renowned for prioritizing client needs, their expertise extends from art curation to crafting bespoke furniture, infusing each project with personalized elegance.

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What sets Lauri apart is an acute attention to detail and a proprietary design approach that transforms client aspirations into exquisite living spaces. Functionality is paramount in their philosophy, shaping environments that radiate joy, support well-being, and inspire a refined lifestyle.

Jenni Lauri's innate talent has garnered recognition, earning her a place among the top 40 under 40 Interior Designers according to the esteemed Los Angeles Times. In essence, Lauri Design Studio represents the epitome of bespoke design, redefining spaces with innovation, cultural richness, and a touch of personalized luxury.


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