“Time for Peace”: A dynamic sculptural art piece descends from the ceiling as it gracefully rotates. This installation weaves together two powerful symbols—the timeless cadence of a meticulously crafted old European clock and the universally recognized emblem of harmony, the peace sign.

On one facet, the peace sign takes center stage, radiating an aura of tranquility and unity. Meanwhile, the opposing side boasts the intricate charm of a vintage European clock, its hands whispering stories of bygone eras but at the same time it is a symbol of time and change.

“Time for Peace” not only commemorates historical chapters marred by injustice—such as slavery, the Holocaust, the suffrage movement, apartheid, and the battle against animal cruelty—but it also serves as a resounding call for change and empathy. As an eloquent advocate for tolerance and societal transformation, this artwork channels the very essence of human endurance and aspiration,

propelling us toward a brighter future.

“Time for Peace” gently urges us to reflect upon our past, to kindle the flames of progress for generations to come, and to recognize the profound impact that art can wield in shaping a more compassionate and enlightened world.

Inhaling cigar smoke

Drawing in the thick, aromatic fumes of a cigar is an indulgence many partake in. This practice, though, carries significant health risks such as lung cancers and respiratory diseases. Despite the allure of its rich, earthy flavors, it's crucial to understand these potential hazards before succumbing to its enticing charm.