With daily stress levels at an all-time high, people are finding new and innovative ways to make their home a place of calm. “There is a huge trend towards creating a cocoon within your home,” Smith said. “I’ve seen rooms fully devoted to meditation, reading, and general relaxation.”

Neutral colors and muted shades of celadon, yellow, and ocean blue are the most common calming colors Smith has noticed. Jenni Lauri, the principal and founder of Lauri Design Studio, is observing a rise in warm harmonizing colors and mixes of rich, soft fabrics. “The natural materials, harmonizing colors, and hyper-textured rich fabrics we are now choosing for our homes reflect how we want to capture peace, tactility, and a sense of well-being,” she explained.

While soft sofas and cashmere throws are a simple way to create a more peaceful space, larger design projects can also make a huge difference. Lauri expects that the rise in home wellness will lead to more cold plunges, saunas, and steam rooms incorporated into spa-like bathrooms.