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How do you decorate a dining room that doubles as a living room? Designers offer expert tips on dual purpose spaces


Shape-wise, both dining and living room furniture can lean towards blocky, angular silhouettes. When it’s all in the same room, the look can easily become a bit ‘furniture showroom’ and makes it difficult to achieve smooth ergonomic flow through the space. The solution, says interior designer Jenni Lauri, is to work in some curves, which is also a huge interior design trend right now too. ‘We used curved furniture to create a sense of tranquil and understated luxury when designing this open living room. Picking soothing colors and rich, textured fabrics like mohair or bouclé create a harmonious setting with your curved pieces,’ explains the founder of Lauri Design Studio. Arranging furniture in a nice, friendly circle, will make it all the more inviting. ‘For an extra touch of comfort, we added a plush chair with rounded edges, creating a snug nook ideal for reading or lounging,’ adds Jenni.